Portfolio Category: Set Design

2nd Dal Annual

Student Graphic Design FestivalDal AnnualOctober 2017 What is Dal Dal is a student festival organized by the students of Tehran University of Arts. This Annual is organized to help improve the scientific and practical level of graphic design education and collect the works of students from universities across the country. The organizing team will strive
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TEDx University of Tehran

TEDx University of TehranBrave New WorldNovember 2015tedxuniversityoftehran.com Brave New World A new century has begun and a new horizon has set, todays world is full of change, innovation, breakthroughs and hope. Our world is different from what it used to be just a few decades ago. our knowledge is vaster than ever and our capabilities
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Billy Kincaid

Good Billy Kincaid, Bad Billy KincaidBilly KincaidSet Design & Lighting The Story This play is an adaptation of a comic strip called Spawn by Todd McFarlane, which is one of the acclaimed works in its genre. In this performance, an attempt has been made to take one of the villans of the story called Billy
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TEDx Keshavarz Blvd

TEDx Keshavarz BlvdThe Weight of Thingsmay 2017tedxkeshavarzblvd.com The Weight of Things Our differences lie not in the differences of things and worlds surrounding us, but in the weight of these things. What goes on around us or the situations we are in might not always be voluntarily, but the value and the weight we give
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