Student Graphic Design Festival

Dal Annual

October 2017

What is Dal

Dal is a student festival organized by the students of Tehran University of Arts. This Annual is organized to help improve the scientific and practical level of graphic design education and collect the works of students from universities across the country. The organizing team will strive to achieve these goals by planning a variety of events such as lectures, film screenings, exhibitions, and workshops.

Our Job

Our team’s main responsibility was to design and implementation the stage of the Farabi Amphitheater to host series of lectures on “design thinking” and to organize an exhibition at the Iranian Artists Forum Winter Gallery to display selected graphic design works of students.

The Cardboard Idea

After some brainstorming and ideation, we decided to use cardboard as our main material to design the stage and some parts of the exhibition. As this project was all organized by students and therefore had a limited budget, we tried to be as economical as possible so, in addition to its environmental advantages, cardboard was our first option.

  • One of the materials with the least environmental impact.
  • recyclable and biodegradable.
  • Minimizes waste generation.
  • Recycled cardboard does not lose durability or resistance.
  • Recycling cardboard allows us to save energy that can be used in the manufacture of other resources.

Stage Design

This stage was supposed to host lectures about design and design thinking. Every lecturer needed different types of equipment to perform and communicate with the audience so the first feature of this stage was to be flexible. In addition, the title of these lectures, “Design Thinking” inspired us to etude our ideas related to how designers and artists think. Finally, the concept of thinking outside the box was intriguing for us. So by combining these two major factors, we came up with our design. As mentioned above the stage installation was built all by reusable and recyclable cardboard boxes.

Exhibition Lay Out & Design

Graphic design works of students from across the country were selected in four sections:

  • Logos and Visual Identity
  • Posters (including cultural, artistic, social, political posters)
  • Cover Design (including book, magazine, publication and CD cover)
  • Motion Graphics (including video graphics and graphic-based teasers, movie titles, animated infographics)

This exhibition was held at the Iranian Artists Forum Winter Gallery, a gallery with a drop-shaped plan and a thick wall with two entrances at sides.

Our first priority was to design a layout for all types of graphic works and then design and build installations for some of them. Our work can be summarized in four sections: the entrance, posters and logos layout, the cover design stand and tablet holders for motion graphics.

The Entrance

Inspired by the festival poster we wanted to give the ambience of the festival on the entrance wall so as to attract attention from the hall corridor.

Posters and logos layout

The most challenging part of this section was to precisely measure the walls of the gallery, design the layout and put each item exactly in the right dimensions.

The Cover Design Stand & Tablet Holders

By considering cardboard as our main material, a flexible and modular cover stand was built and for motion graphics, simple tablet holders were designed and built with laser-cut cardboards.

Our Team

Set Design: Ardalan Tayefeh, Nima Tabrizi
Festival Director: Iman Aram
Executive Manager: Mehrnaz Mohammadi
Art Director: Reza Chavoshi
Social Relations: Anis Jalili
Social Media: Mahdieh Rafiei
Lectures: Maryam Mesforoush