Architecture Design Studio II

The Architect House

Fall 2014

our HOME

This house was part of our family. He woke up earlier than us in the morning, caressing us with his big window hands till we wake up. When we were heartbroken, he would gather us in his hall and our hearts were warmed by his fireplace. We breathed with his terraces. When it was time for food, He would invite us around the table. By nightfall, he put us to sleep one by one and then he went to sleep, till the next morning…

For Architecture Design II, we were asked to describe our own family in the future, and design a house according to our story. Basically, it is where my family and I will live in the future.


  • Create a pleasant place for my family relations.
  • Provide a place for children to have a warm and comfortable environment.
  • Create beautiful and functional spaces for nature lovers.
  • Design compatible with the climate of Taleghan.

Site Analysis

The site is located on the foothills of the city of Taleghan; Taleghan is located in the relatively cold climate and mountainous parts of Iran; it has nice green spaces and a view of a lake towards the south; The lake is created by Taleghan dam reservoir.


Pictures Collage

One of the interesting facts about this design was our approach to start ideation. We made picture collages to create abstract images of the interior of the house. It was a new method for me and it added another point of view to my own way of designing.

Mass Modelling

These abstract images gradually got transformed into objective spaces by mass modelling and drawing.

Design Development

By combining the models and drawings with spatial diagrams and physical planning, and developing them, the design got completed and the final documents were produced.


Plans & Sections
Perspectives & Mass Model
Academic / Individual / Studio Work / Fall 2014
Supervisors: Dr. Aliasghar Adibi (a.adibi@ut.ac.ir)
My contribution to the project: entire research, design, and presentation
Awarded “The best project in the studio” by a team of studio supervisors and exhibited in an exhibition at the University of Tehran in 2015