Landscape Proposal For

Ajin Dojin Garden

Summer 2017

The Project

The land with north-south elongation and an area of 1600 square meters is located in the Ajin Dojin, Kordan district of Karaj. This land, which doesn’t have a definite geometric shape, is to be turned into a garden. The garden can have multiple paths, fruit and shading trees, pergolas, fountain, barbecue, possible future villa site and parking.

Basic Planing

Site Plan Design

Irrigation plan

Perspective Views

View from the south of the garden
Private yard & the pergola
North-South Axis of the Garden
Marginal Garden & Bench

Planting Plan

Landscape Architect: Ardalan Tayefeh, Nima Tabrizi
Client: Tahereh Zohravi
Location: Ajin Dojin, Kordan, Iran
Status: Idea