Visual Brand Identity

BB Art Crafts

March 2019

BB Art Crafts

is an independent pottery studio, producing hand-made earthenware vessels and bowls, founded in 2019 by Bamdad Bazrafkan. A young artist who gave up a career in mechanical engineering to become a ceramist. He is most passionate about working with different types of glaze, making functional yet artistic bowls and designing lightings with pottery.



My inspirations for designing and branding BB Art Crafts were the following:

  1. Bamdad humble personality and calmness and also the soft sense of the clay.
  2. The letter b in his name and surname.
  3. In addition to his creativity, his lighting designs, induced the combination of the form of a lamp and a vessel.
Graphic Designer: Ardalan Tayefeh
CLIENT: Bamdad Bazrafkan

Courtesy of BB Art Crafts Instagram Account