The Weight of Things

Our differences lie not in the differences of things and worlds surrounding us, but in the weight of these things. What goes on around us or the situations we are in might not always be voluntarily, but the value and the weight we give them is in our hands. Aside from our personal lives, the weight of things has changed in today’s world. In fact, the weight of different subjects and values change among generations and societies. It is as if today’s world does not feel the weight of many things anymore. The weight of things changes through time.

Decoration Design

Our inspirations to design and decorate this TEDx event were the following:

  1. Keshavarz Blvd, one of the historical and identical streets of Tehran in which a lot of people including our attendees have memories.
  2. Our theme, ” The Weight of Things” and the different ways it can be perceived.
  3. Rooberoo Mansion, the event’s location, is a multidisciplinary arts institution with a rooftop overlooking the Tehran City Theater.

Interactive Installations

Our Design consisted of three different interactive installations (from left to right):

  1. Keshavarz Blvd Board: A fabric board to which attendees could pin their memories.
  2. Theme Installation: An installation built with ropes and pulleys to play with the perception of weight.
  3. Mini Talk: A small stage for our attendees to have lectures of their own.

Way Finding & Photobooth

To improve our attendees’ experience in the mansion, icons and maps were designed to help them navigate more easily. In addition, a photo booth with a view of the Tehran City Theater was designed and located on the rooftop.

Stage Design

TED has a strict format for its logo font and stage design. In addition to the special conditions of the hall and its relatively shallow depth, an attempt was made to not only regard the Ted format but also give a pleasant view and experience to the audience.

Our Team

Organizer and Licensee: Fateme Ghaemi Co-organizer: Mahdad Haghighi
Head of Decoration Design: Ardalan Tayefeh, Nima Tabrizi
Art Director: Shahrzad Jahan
Illustrator: Hanieh Alihemmati
Decoration Design Members: Mohammad Salahi, Hamed Zahedmanesh, Shahrzad Parsa, Koosha Mirassadollahi, Mahan Motalebi