Portfolio Category: Renovation

Tooska Villa

The Renovation ofTooska VillaMarch 2018 Tooska Villa A rusty old building in the middle of the nature of Gilan province was in need of restoration. Windowless walls, therefore, lack of natural light, dilapidated and poorly furnished spaces and non-geometric plan were the main problems of this villa. The new Layout The new layout of the
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The Two Loos

Reportage of The renovation ofThe Two LoosFebruary 2019 The Story In order to make better and more comfortable use of the sanitary space, as well as to beautify and modify the house where my parents have lived for nearly 20 years, we decided to renovate our toilets. The guest toilet, the smaller one which was
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Kojeen Café/Hostel

Renovation, Interior Design, Furniture DesignKojeen Café/HostelSee You in Iran Cultural Houseseeyouiniran.org The Story The goal of the project was to renovate and redesign the old building, located in the central historical part of Tehran, into a social venue in which people coming from different cultures can communicate. The renovation consists of necessary repairs, mechanical and
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7|12 Library

Renovation, Interior Design7|12 LibrarySummer/Fall 2021 What it was Flats of 12 & 7, formerly some medical clinics, consists of two interconnected units of an office building that was going to be converted into a private library. Due to several medical offices and their particular facilities, the previous plan of the flats was a little bit
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Farhad Hut

Farhad HutThe Story of a Renovation THE STORY In the middle of the pistachio orchard in Sirjan district, there were three small adjoining adobe rooms, which were abandoned after years of being used as a warehouse and a barn. Farhad was looking for a place where he could live when he came to the orchard.
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Taar 2 Workshop

Workshop on RegenerationTaar 2September 2019 Texts below are extracted from the Journal of Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism, INTBAU, Spain. The Story The villages of Iran are forgetting their wise and sustainable methods of living. They are transforming themselves from primary producers to mass consumers. The value of their vernacular heritage is being neglected and
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