Portfolio Category: Landscape

Ajin Dojin Garden

Landscape Proposal ForAjin Dojin GardenSummer 2017 The Project The land with north-south elongation and an area of 1600 square meters is located in the Ajin Dojin, Kordan district of Karaj. This land, which doesn't have a definite geometric shape, is to be turned into a garden. The garden can have multiple paths, fruit and shading
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Child-Friendly City Project

A Proposal ForChild-Friendly City of TehranOctober 2016 The Beginning We began our proposal for a child-friendly Tehran by surveying CFC-related content from the United Nations and other relevant international bodies. From the set of criteria mentioned in these documents, we briefly selected the following criteria as the main requirements of our child-friendly city:    
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Landscape Design Studio I

Landscape Design Studio IKhazar ParkFall 2017 Elahiyeh District is one of the northern neighborhoods of Tehran and Shemiranat city. This neighborhood extends north to Tajrish Square and Valiasr Street, south to Sadr Highway, west to Modares Highway, and east to Maghsoudbek River and Rumi Bridge. Elahiyeh is an affluent and upper-class district in northern Tehran.
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Landscape Design Studio II

Landscape Design Studio IINatural Landscape of Golāb DarrehSpring 2018 Golāb Darreh is one of the old neighborhoods of Tehran in Shemiranat city, which in past together with Imamzadeh Ghasem used to be one neighborhood. In ancient times, the geographical area of this neighborhood extended north to the slopes and summer pastures of the Alborz mountain
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Taar 2 Workshop

Workshop on RegenerationTaar 2September 2019 Texts below are extracted from the Journal of Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism, INTBAU, Spain. The Story The villages of Iran are forgetting their wise and sustainable methods of living. They are transforming themselves from primary producers to mass consumers. The value of their vernacular heritage is being neglected and
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Landscape Design Studio III

Landscape Design Studio IIIUrbanscape of Valiasr CrossroadFall 2018 Valisar Crossroad is located at the intersection of the two main streets of Tehran, Valiasr St. and Enghelab St. Since Pahlavi II and after the revolution the center of the Tehran socio-political developments transferred to this point. Due to the existence of the University of Tehran, Cafe
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