About Healthy & Unhealthy


Set Design - Spring 2016

The Story

“About Healthy & Unhealthy Entertainment” is about an addicted person whose friends come to his house and apparently their goal is to help him quit, but over time it becomes clear that each of them has entered his life for their own interests and their addicted friend is the only means to achieve their desire.

Performance Style

All the events of the play take place in a completely real atmosphere and the type of relationships between these people in such atmosphere becomes clear to the audience.

Set Design & Lighting

The whole performance took place in a house, the house of the addicted guy which apparently was in ruins. We decided to design a house with a diagonal section to let the audience see the whole house and to induce the scene of destruction, ruins and chaos. The rest of the house plan was marked by a border through lighting. To build this house we broke down the walls into separate pieces of styrofoam, cut each piece with hot wire (nerve-racking job), painted them and then assembled them on the stage.

Playwrite: Ehsan Erfani
Director: Fariborz Karimi
Set Design and Lighting: Nima Tabrizi, Ardalan Tayefeh, Kimia Motamedi
Actors: Amirhossein Taheri, Mohammad Roshani, Vahid Nafar, Ebrahim Azizi, Noushin Masoudian
Photos by: Hanieh Zahed, Saeid Janaati
April – May 2016