Good Billy Kincaid, Bad Billy Kincaid

Billy Kincaid

Set Design & Lighting

The Story

This play is an adaptation of a comic strip called Spawn by Todd McFarlane, which is one of the acclaimed works in its genre. In this performance, an attempt has been made to take one of the villans of the story called Billy Kincaid and create a new narrative based on them.

Efforts were made to preserve the sense of comic strips in the adaptation. One of our main goals in the performance was to bring this comic strip to life and visualize it on the stage.


Performance Style

An attempt has been made to preserve the fantasy that dominates the comic strip. For example,  Billy Kincaid has once escaped from hell and returned to earth. This creates potential in the story to departure from realism.

Set Design & Lighting

There were three main thoughts behind our set design:

  1. We had multiple performances in the hall in one day, therefore our set needed to be portable.
  2. To visualize the comic strip, a screen was needed to display the paintings as well as being transparent.
  3. The most important concept of our design was inducing Doomsday and separating the audience from the actors, like a window to the other world.
Director and Playwrite: MohammadHossein Maaref
Actors: Neda Jebraeili, Ava Darvishi, Navid Fayyaz
Set Design and Lighting: Ardalan Tayefeh, Nima Tabrizi
Illustration: Ali Ghafari
Image Production: Arman Moghadam
Music: Asim
Assistant Director: Azadeh Madani
April – May 2017