The Renovation of

Tooska Villa

March 2018

Tooska Villa

A rusty old building in the middle of the nature of Gilan province was in need of restoration. Windowless walls, therefore, lack of natural light, dilapidated and poorly furnished spaces and non-geometric plan were the main problems of this villa.

The new Layout

The new layout of the villa was achieved by living in space. An arrangement that is unique to this family and tailored to their moods, needs, and behavioural habits.

Before / After

A chaotic bunch of cabinets, a refrigerator, an oven and an open counter that unjustly took over the crooked space from the hall, turned the kitchen into a cumbersome space. On the other hand, the location of the kitchen had become a place to store outdoor furniture.

The Renovation

  • The relocation of the kitchen made it closer to the terrace and dining table and also provide it with an enjoyable view. The former kitchen has also been turned into a small living room facing the private courtyard.
  • Designing area and walls around the stairs to provide the entrance with a closet and manage the storage room under the stairs.
  • Renovating the bathroom, rearranging the walls, magnifying the window and tiling the walls.
  • Renovating the facade and the entrance of the building.
Architect: Mina Rahimipour
Design Consultant: Ardalan Tayefeh
Client: The Rahimipours
Location: Gilan, Iran
Status: Completed (2018)