Renovation, Interior Design, Furniture Design

Kojeen Café/Hostel

See You in Iran Cultural House


The Story

The goal of the project was to renovate and redesign the old building, located in the central historical part of Tehran, into a social venue in which people coming from different cultures can communicate.

The renovation consists of necessary repairs, mechanical and electrical installation, joinery, plastering and flooring, in order to transform the place into a livable environment. Interior design phase includes decorating and furnishing the whole building, rooms and shared spaces with an emphasis on the aesthetic points of this place resulting in the improvement of the living quality.

What it was

Kheradmand mansion was built in the 1950s, in a quartier which used to figure Modern architecture of Tehran.

What happened in between

Respecting the architectural character of the mansion, the repair and interior alteration had to be carefully programmed. The main endeavour was to achieve all the needs while being loyal to the character of the building.

Furniture Design

The furniture could make a bridge between the ambience of today and the old building.


Trapezium Table

is a famous design that is easily adaptable to various situations, since it could be an accurate option for flexible spaces.


Kojeen Chandelier

is an eclectic Chandelier that has been made by using art deco light bulbs on a base of rough wood and metal; courtesy of the architecture style of the Kheradmand mansion and the interior design characteristics of its era.

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Modular Partition

Inspired by a Chinese Modern interior design, this modulation has been designed to be not only the main bookshelves of café but also a divider for a flexible layout.

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What It has become


Architects: Nima Tabrizi, Ardalan Tayefeh
CLIENT: See You In Iran
photos by: Ardalan Tayefeh, Mina Jazayeri
Location: Tehran, Iran
Status: completed (2016)