Visual Brand Identity

Camon Studio

January 2020

Camon Studio

Camon Studio

is an independent pottery studio, producing hand-made vessels, founded in 2020 by me. Because of my background in architecture, the most sensible feature about my works is that they are timeless, minimal and precise in terms of geometry and shape. This studio started from a room with a pottery wheel in it and grew to be a somehow successful business. I concentrated mostly on the forms and the texture of my works and tried to create new vessels every time.


There are two reasons behind the choice of Camon as my brand name. An outstanding feature of my works which my fellow students and friends also admit is their precision and elegance. Also, I have a conceptual feeling for the geometrical volumes, curves and edges in works of art. These two come together in Camon, which in Farsi means both arc (part of a circle) and bow (bow and arrow in archery). The first meaning is to show my interest in geometry and the second is to induce precision.

Logo Design

I designed this logo with thin lines in order to bring about a sense of precision. An abstract form of the compass can be seen in these lines which resembles the act of drawing an arc. Also if this logo is rotated ninety degrees, the shape of a bow and arrow becomes discernible.