TEDx University of Tehran

Brave New World

November 2015


Brave New World

A new century has begun and a new horizon has set, todays world is full of change, innovation, breakthroughs and hope. Our world is different from what it used to be just a few decades ago. our knowledge is vaster than ever and our capabilities far exceed the likes in our predecessors. Our world is expanded beyond our beliefs with pedantic details and our technology makes the impossible seem so apparent. and as we try to understand and process all these changes, we find ourselves settled to a new ground. to a new reality, to a new beginning, to a Brave New World.

Stage & Decoration Design

Our main goal in designing this event was to spread the ambiance of TEDx through the space. To do so we chose the amphitheater of the management faculty which already was close to our theme color.

Set Design

Every TEDx stage is required to include the official TEDx logo with the full event name. So we made sure to create a large logo and place it in a visible space on the stage.

Decoration Design

To spread the ambiance of TEDx and to be in harmony with our logo for the event, white and red circles were used to decorate the lobby hall. In addition, to present the speakers of the event, wooden holders were designed which could be attached to the columns of the hall and display the speakers’ info. Also, some labels were designed to help the attendees to navigate through the space.

Our Team

Nima Tabrizi, Kimia Motamedi, Ardalan Tayefeh, Mohammad Salahi, Boshra Javaheri