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Camon Studio

Visual Brand IdentityCamon StudioJanuary 2020Camon Studio Camon Studio is an independent pottery studio, producing hand-made vessels, founded in 2020 by me. Because of my background in architecture, the most sensible feature about my works is that they are timeless, minimal and precise in terms of geometry and shape. This studio started from a room with
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Atelier Sigma

Visual Brand IdentityAtelier SigmaApril 2017 Atelier Sigma is an independent architecture and design studio, founded in 2016, by two architects Nima Tabrizi and Ardalan Tayefeh. It is planned to be a centre for conjunction and collaboration of creative architects and designers with professions in other fields. APPELLATION The name Sigma was chosen to show the
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Taadol Band

Logo DesignTaadol BandNovember 2015 Taadol Band is an Iranian indie rock band formed in Tehran. The band is composed of Ali Keivanmarz (vocals, guitar); Majid Heidari (guitar, vocals); Ali Sina (drums, percussion); Mehrdad Bakhtiari (Bass and Keyboards). The band was formed in late 2007 by Ali Keivanmarz and  Majid Heidari after the two met as
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BB Art Crafts

Visual Brand IdentityBB Art CraftsMarch 2019 BB Art Crafts is an independent pottery studio, producing hand-made earthenware vessels and bowls, founded in 2019 by Bamdad Bazrafkan. A young artist who gave up a career in mechanical engineering to become a ceramist. He is most passionate about working with different types of glaze, making functional yet
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