Architecture Design Studio I


Spring 2014

What is Kāshānak?

Kāshānak is a place that inspires the atmosphere of the city of Kashan in todays urban space. Kāshānak cheif persuit is inducing the sense of Kashan architecture and culture.

Kāshānak was my first architectural design. Although this design was very basic, I still dig my ideas behind it and have a sense of belonging to it.


was the capital of the Persian Empire during the reign of Shah Abbas Safavid II (1642-1666) of the Safavid Dynasty. Kashan has been the center of arts and high-quality crafts such as ceramic tiles, silk, carpets, rugs and handicrafts. The city keeps some of the best examples of traditional Persian houses for the desert climate. In traditional Persian architecture, climate and culture are two important factors to organize the space.

Design Goals

  • A place for cultural interactions between citizens.
  • Preparation of a platform for cultural and traditional events.
  • Displaying a vision of Kashan Architecture in the urban space of Tehran.
  • Providing a place to acquaint people with the traditions of Kashan.
  • Creating a local market for displaying and supplying Kashan crafts and merchandise.

Site Analysis

The site is located on the south side of Laleh Park, which has a pleasant green space and a relatively wide-view in the north and northwest. Its west is adjacent to a building and dense green space can be seen in the east. The southern part is located on the sidewalk of Keshavarz Boulevard.


Patterns of Persian Gardens
  • Geometric Spatial Organization
  • Sensible Entrance and Tower Structure
  • Geometric Networks of Water Path and Pavement
Abyaneh foothill village

Abyaneh is one of the most touristy villages in Iran. On my trip to Kashan, I visited Abyaneh. Besides its famous architecture and peculiar reddish buildings, its landscape inspires me. This village is located on a foothill, which makes its views more interesting, on one side it’s attached to the rocks and on the other side, there is a vast view of a valley.

Kashan Skyline

Kashan skyline is a bit flat, except when a dome, a minaret or a louver attracts attention.

Mass Modelling


Academic / Individual / Studio Work / Spring 2014
Supervisors: Dr. Isa Hojat (isahojat@ut.ac.ir) / Dr. Hamireza Asari (hransari@ut.ac.ir)
My contribution to the project: entire research, design, and presentation